Spain is the country that offers interesting business opportunities for foreign investors. The data show:

In 2013 foreign direct investment increased by 52%, placing our country at the top of Europe and the ninth in the world in this type of investment.
Spanish legislation promotes entrepreneurial culture. Thus, Law 14/2013 (of September 27, to support entrepreneurs and their internationalization) facilitates the entry of foreign investment and talent to promote growth and job creation.
Thanks to this Act, an agile system is established that favors the international mobility of professionals and managers, and attracts foreign investment. In particular, it benefits investors, entrepreneurs, highly qualified personnel, training in R & D & I and intra-company relocation.

Establish in Spain
If you want to open a company in Spain you will not find obstacles to it. Our country is governed by the laws of the European Union, which means that liberalization in terms of foreign investment and exchange control is practically complete.
In addition, Spain is in the top 10 countries with more favorable conditions for women entrepreneurs, according to a report by the United Nations Institute for Global Entrepreneurship and Development (GEDI).
There are several options to do business is our country:

The opening of a branch or representative office. The constitution of a Spanish company. The association with other entrepreneurs already established in Spain.
If you prefer not to settle in Spain you can choose:

Distribution agreements.
Performing operations through an agent. Performing operations through a commission. Establishing a franchise. For more information contact our manager.